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    • How do I order?

    • What happens if an item is no longer in stock?

    • How do I leave a review?

    • Where are you shipping from?

    • The designs are so cute! Where do you get them from?

    • How often do you add new designs?

    • How do I print the downloadable and cut on my Cameo?

    How do I order? top

    Ordering if easy!

    Simply navigate to the item that has caught your eye an hit the ORDER button on the page.  The item will be added to your shopping cart, which you can "visually" see the contents at any time at the top right of the website page.

    When you have added all the items you wish to purchase to your cart, simply hit the VIEW YOUR cart link at the top right of your screen.  This will open the check out window for you.  Follow the screen directions by entering your name and mailing address.  Make sure to select your shipping option of either Continental US or International.  Also make sure to select your state from the drop down list to see if sales tax will need to be collected

    If you have been given any discount promotions, you may enter that at this time too.

    Hit the CHECK OUT button.

    On the following page, fill out what is necessary and choose your method of payment.

    What happens if an item is no longer in stock? top

    When we sell out of an item, we will decide if we wish to restock that same item or add in new designs to the store.  Please simply check back often or drop us an email if you are really interested in an out of stock item.

    How do I leave a review? top

    If you have received one of our products and would like to leave a review for others, simply navigate to the item on our website.

    On the landing page category view you will find a ADD A REVIEW link.  Simply click there and follow the prompts to leave your review!

    Where are you shipping from? top

    We are in Sunny South Florida!

    We ship a flat rate FIRST CLASS rate of $2.00 for Continental US.  Please understand, once we ship out an item, we are in no control to give an estimated delivery time.  We will provide tracking information if it is offered at the time we ship your item.

    For International shipping, we are trying a flat rate First Class rate of $5.

    *Please note, we reserve the right to change our shipping method at any time*

    The designs are so cute! Where do you get them from? top

    All the designs on our site are original image designs by Annie Kelly.  You may also find her work at   and  her line of rubber stamps at

    How often do you add new designs? top

    We are currently just starting out, so we hope to add a few new designs in each month.  Join our mailing list to be kept up to date each time a new batch of designs are available!

    How do I print the downloadable and cut on my Cameo? top

    **Click images to view larger if needed!**

    1- Open your Cameo Program and select DESIGN
    For this tutorial we start with the boxes to trace file!

    2-Got to FILE > Open and navigate to your folder on your computer where you saved your downloadable file.
    Double click or select open to choose your file.

    3- Choose to import as a IMAGE file (not vector) and choose 300 from the DPI drop down box

    4- You should then see your file on your page.

    5- Now we need to get the "outlines" of our shapes for when we cut. To do this, go and select the TRACE WINDOW option at the top right of your screen.

    6- When this opens, you will select the SELECT TRACE AREA and then draw a box around your image as a whole
    This will turn your image to a bright YELLOW and then to where you only will see red outlines
    (below image)

    7- You should be able to see a red outline on each of your shapes at this point

    8- You should now see you have 2 layers, your original imported and then the outlines we just created. You can delete the original image at this point, as it is no longer needed.

    9- Now we need to repeat SOME of these steps for our actual image we are going to print. So once again go to FILE > Open and select your file. This time choose the reg file, NOT the outlines to trace.

    10- Import the same as before, as an IMAGE not vector and at 300 DPI

    11- Your colored image is now on the screen.

    12- Go back to your other tab to where you created your outlines and COPY the outlines.... to bring back to your imported Color image screen and paste it to the window.

    13- You should now see your 2 layers, the colored image and the outline shapes.

    14- This step is CRITICAL --- you must select ONLY one layer at a time for this step! Select your colored image, then go to OBJECT > ALIGN > Center to Page

    15- Repeat this last step aggain, this time selecting the OUTLINE shapes and then OBJECT > ALIGN > Center to Page

    16- your should now see your image AND outlines on the center of the page.
    Now proceed as you would with any Print and Cut in your cameo.
    Set your Registration Marks and print the page. Then load the page to your cutting mat and cut them out! Make sure to adjust your cut settings accordingly to the type of paper you are using.
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